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Script for dialogues

The alphabet- Read , Song, Phonetics

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

A is for Apple, B is for Ball C is for Cat, D is for Dog, E is for Elephant, F is for Fish, G is for Gorilla, H is for Hat, I is for Igloo, J is for Juice, K is for Kangaroo, L is for Lion, M is for Monkey, N is for No, O is for Octapus, P is for Pig, Q is for Question, R is for Ring, S is for Sun, T is for Train, U is for Umbrella, V is for Van, W is for Watch, X is for boX, Y is for Yellow, Z is for Zoo
So many things for you to learn about, so many ways to sing your song.

The subjects - Audio

I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they

The verb : To be - Audio

I am, you are, he is, she is, it is, we are, you are, they are

The Present Simple; Audio A, Audio B, Audio C , Audio D , Audio E , Audio F, Audio G, Audio H

Dialogue - Audio

I am David. I am English and I am a sales man.

You are new and you are my colleague. You are responsible for data input.

He is the Managing Director. He is Tom, and he is from Germany.

She is the office manager. She is Sally and she is engaged to Tom.

The company is very big. It is present across the whole world. It is a competitive company and it is called Compaq Plc.

We are all employees of the same company. We are all in the same team.

PCs are very interesting. They are always very different. They are cheap these days. They are very important for our job.

Create answers to these Questions- Audio

How are you? (tired)

Where are you from? (Italy)

What do you do? (bank manager)

What is that?(pen)

Who are they? (my colleagues)

Are we late? (no)

Are you German? (no, English)

Is he your boss? (no, my colleague)

Is it hot in Italy today? (no, cold)

Create questions for the following answers - Audio

It is a book.

No, it is not my house.

No, he is not my friend.

Yes, I am a little bit cold.

I am fine, thankyou

I am a waiter

Yes, they are here

Yes, he is my boss.

Company description - Audio

Hi, my name is Robert. I am the Production Manager for Digo Limited. Digo Limited is a small company and there are 15 employees. The company is famous for high quality lazer printers. My boss is Rita and she is the Plant Manager.

The verb : To have - Audio

I have, you have, he has, she has, it has, we have, you have, they have

Create the question that goes with the answer - Audio

Yes, I have got a daughter.

No, He hasn't got a house.

No, I don't have your book.

Yes, she has got a promotion

Yes, we have enough time

No I haven't, he has got the hole punch

Yes, I have got some sugar.

Production at Digo - Audio

Good afternoon, I am Robert, the Production Manager for Digo Limited. Digo Limited has got three main printer families. Each printer family has a Product Manager. Our high quality lazer printers have a big market share. My boss is the Plant Manager and she has always got the time to explain to me the products. Each printer has got many different functions and features. I have got a lot to learn.

Create answers for the following questions - Audio

Have you got a car? (yes)

Do you have a house? (no)

Have you got any children? (yes, 2)

Has your colleague got any brothers or sisters? (no)

Do they all have a computer? (no)

Have we got enough money? (yes)

Have you got my pen? (Yes)

The verb can - Audio

I can, you can, he can, she can, it can, we can, you can, they can

Production using CAN - Audio

Nice to see you again. My name is Robert, and I am responsible for Production at Digo Limited. I can negotiate very well and I can usually convince people to do what I want them to do. I can manage the production systems very well. I can see that Digo Limited is a very strong company. Our printer families can fit any customer's needs.

Create the question that goes with the answer - Audio

Yes, I can speak French quite well.

No, I can't swim at all.

Yes, I can play tennis very well.

Yes I can cook, but not very well

Yes I can play a musical instrument, I can play the guitar very well.

Create answers for the following questions - Audio

Can you come here please? (yes)

Can he speak any foreign languages? (no, at all)

Can they play football? (yes, very well)

Can I help you?(yes)

Can you look at this for me please? (yes)

The verb do verb - Audio

The verb TO DO; I do, you do, he does, she does, it does, we do, you do, they do

Questions Presnt Simple - Audio

What's your name?

How old are you?

Where do you live?

Where do you come from?

What do you do for a living?

What is the best part of your job?

Are you married?

What do you do in your free time?

Do you speak any foreign languages?

Which is your favourite country?

What do you like to do after work?

What do you normally do on the weekend?

Presenting yourself Present Simple - Audio

I am David / My name is David

I am 26 / I am 26 years old

I live in Vienna

I come from Munich

I am a graphic designer

The best part of my job is presenting new designs to customers

I am married with Claire

In my free time I like to go running and jogging

I speak German, French and some English.

My favourite country is Greece.

After work I like to watch TV.

On the weekend I like to do the gardening.

Create questions for the following answers with To Do - Audio

Yes, I play football every week.

I go to the gym every Sunday

He is the Sales Director for Alcatel

He generally buys off Italian Suppliers

In my free time I normally walk in the mountains and play with my children

No, I don't like the sea much. I prefer the mountains.

Yes, I love to ski in the mountains.

Create answers using To Do - Audio

How often do you go to the gym? (3-week)

When do you normally come to London? (summer)

Does he drive a lot? (no, at all)

Create answers in the Present Simple - Audio

Do they enjoy walking in the mountains? (yes)

What does your colleague do? (purchasing manager)

What time does the train leave? (5.30 pm)

Dialogue in the Present Simple Mountains - Audio

in the mountains - 4 - To Do


Do you like hiking up mountains?


I love it. It gives me a real feeling of freedom.


And do you always come up this mountain?


This is the closest mountain to my house. I live in that village over there. Can you see it?


Yes, I can.


Sometimes I travel for the weekend to Scotland. There, you can find some real wild countryside


Really, does it take long to get to Scotland from Stratford?


It takes about seven hours. The road isn't very good.


Do you always hike alone, or do you take your family with you sometimes?


I usually come alone. Sometimes my wife comes too, but she doesn't like hiking very much.


Do you have any children?


I've got three children, but they are all grown up now. One is 38, another is 34 and the youngest is 29

On the beach Present Simple - Audio


So, Which beach do you normally go to?


I like going to the main beaches where there are all the cafés, showers and facilities. What about you?


Oh! I am the same.


The only problem is the crowds. In July and August. It gets so full.


Yes but at least you get to meet new people.


That's true. And I do like to play volleyball with friends. Do you play any sports?


I love tennis, but it's a bit difficult to play tennis on the beach. I also like going for walks and having a swim.


Really! Me too. Do you want something from the café?


Yes, can I have an espresso and a croissant.


Do you want any milk and sugar in the espresso?


Just a drop of milk, thanks.


What do you do? Do you study, or work?


I'm a student. I'm studying engineering. Strange but true


Great. Are there many women who study engineering.


The subject is still male dominated, but there are a few of us.


Do you like it'


Yes, it's really interesting. I also feel there is more chance of getting a job at the end of the course.


Right. I work in one of the local factories.


That's interesting. Why aren't you at work today, then?


I am on holiday for two weeks.


It's late. I need to go. It was nice to meet you.


Yes. It was nice to meet you too. See you.

The numbers 1-20 - Audio

Bigger Numbers - Audio

20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 1000, 1,000,000

Numbers Song

Complicated numbers - Audio









Dialogues with The Time - Audio


A What's the time?

B It's five past three.


A Can we meet on Monday at half past nine?

B Can we make it quarter to ten?

A Yes, OK.

3 Good afternoon. This is Radio BGK. It's twenty-five to four.


A Can I make an appointment with the dentist, please?

B Yes. Can you come at twenty past eleven on Thursday?

A Yes, that's fine.


A Is that conference in the morning?

B Yes, from nine o'clock to half past twelve.


A What about a game of golf on Sunday?

B OK. I can be there at quarter past eight.

A Fine.


A What time do I have to meet those visitors?

B At ten to two.

A Thanks.

The Days of the Week - Audio

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Days of the Week - Darkness Song

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, tossing on a Friday night, Let the music smother me, whole weekend recover me, tossing on a Friday night.

Practice saying the dates - Audio

Say the following dates:







More dates - Audio

What is the date today?

14th Dec

1st March

Your Birthday - Audio

When is your Birthday?

08th Feb

21st Aug

5th July

Appointments at work - Audio

When is the meeting?

5.00pm 23rd March

11.00am 30th Nov

13.00 21st June

Giving Directions (Val Di Sangro) - Audio

Giving Directions

To get to Digo you need to take the A14 South from the airport, towards Bari. After about 20 miles you'll come to an exit called 'Val Di Sangro'. Leave the motorway, pay at the toll and head towards
the mountain and away from the sea, that is, go towards Atessa along the main road. After 5 miles there is an exit for SEVEL. You need to leave the main road and go under a bridge. Go straight on, do not turn to the left. Go over the bridge until the road finishes and turn right towards Bimo. At the second cross roads, turn left. At this point you will see the factory at the end of the road. We are next to Valagro. Is that clear? I'll send you directions via e-mail just in case and you can always call from your mobile and I will pick you up in case of problems.

Giving Directions - Audio

Where is the supermarket?

Go straight on then turn left, go straight on and it's after the third road on the right.

Where is your house?

My house is opposite the petrol station and next to some houses.

Where is the fountain at the Copthorn Hotel?

The fountain at the Copthorn Hotel (It) is between the photocopier and the reception area and near the lift.

Excuse me, where is the toilet?

It's through the door to the reception area then through another door to the corridor and it's in front of you.

Questions with directions - Audio

How many cinemas are there in Birmingham?

There are three cinemas.

Where is Birmingham Cathedral?

It is next to the bus stop.

What is opposite Birmingham Cathedral?

Opposite Birmingham Cathedral is Street train Station.

Is there a Financial Centre in Birmingham?

Yes there is, it is in Colmore Row next to Snow Hill Station.

Is there a historic part of Birmingham city centre?

No, there isn't.

About Birmingham Center - Audio

How many cinemas are there in Birmingham?

There are three cinemas in Birmingham. There is one Cathedral, and there is one financial centre but there isn't a historic centre.

Introductions for Business - Audio

Introduce Barry the Technical Manager to a new customer, Rachel the Sales Director for ABC Ltd

Introductions for Business - Audio

Barry replies to the introduction and explains that he is responsible for the quality systems

Introducing yourself and others - Audio

Gábor Hi. My name's Gábor.

Michael Pleased to meet you, Gábor. I'm Michael and this is Sarah.

Sarah Where are you from, Gábor?

Gábor I'm from Hungary. And you?

Sarah We're from the USA.

Keiko Hi. I'm from Japan. My name is Keiko.

Telma Pleased to meet you, Keiko. I'm Telma.

Keiko And what's your name?

Fernando My name's Fernando.

Keiko Nice to meet you. Where are you from?

Fernando We're from Brazil.

Chatting about your job (FAST)- Audio
Chatting about your job (SLOW)- Audio

Waitress: ...and a small salad. Is that all?

Liz Mudy Burns: Yes.

Waitress: You know, this might seem rude but you seem sad!

Liz Mudy Burns: I don't like my job.

Waitress: What do you do?

Liz Mudy Burns: I'm in television.

Waitress: Really! Where do you work?

Liz Mudy Burns: At KBSF

Waitress: Are you on TV?

Liz Mudy Burns: I host a talk show.

Waitress: Wow, that's exciting! Why do you hate your job?

Liz Mudy Burns: Because I'm a journalist. I studied and trained to write news reports. My talk show is just entertainment. It's not serious journalism.

A lady walks by and sees Liz;

Lady: You're Liz Mudy Burns! Oh wow! I watch your program all the time. You're great!

Liz Mudy Burns: Do you really think so?

Lady: Well, yes, really!

Waitress: So, are you looking for a new job?

Liz Mudy Burns: New job? Who said anything about a new job!

Presenting each other (SLOW)- Audio Presenting each other (FAST)- Audio

Larry Larson: Hello, I'm Larry Larson.

Dan McLean: Good morning Larry. I'm Dan McLean, how are you today?

Larry Larson: Fine thanks, and you?

Dan McLean: Great.

Larry Larson: And who's your friend?

Dan McLean: Sorry, this is my associate, Miss Maria Fernandez.

Ms Maria Fernandez: Ms Maria Fernandez!

Dan McLean: Excuse me. Ms Maria Fernandez. Ms Fernandez, this is Larry Larson. Larry, Ms Fernandez is from Al Sorito.

Larry Larson: Nice to meet you Ms Sorito.

Dan McLean: No, no! Ms Fernandez is from Al Sorito, a town near San Fransisco.

Larry Larson: Oh, yes, of course. I'm so sorry, Ms Fernandez.

Ms Maria Fernandez: That's quite alright. Pleased to meet you Mr Larson.

Dan McLean: Well, we have to go now. See you later.

Larry Larson: Sure. You take care.

Dan McLean: You too. Bye now.

Ms Maria Fernandez: Good bye.

Larry Larson: From Al sorito!

- Audio

Bill Well, well, well. I don't believe it. It's Kathy, isn't it? Kathy Wallis?

Kathy Bill Jordan. How lovely to see you. I haven't seen you since oh, when was it? Sam and Laura's wedding.

Bill Yes, that's right. That must be nearly fifteen years now. Good heavens! Doesn't time fly?

Kathy You've put on weight!

Bill Yes, well, you know how it is. Too much easy living. Anyway, what are you up to these days? Are you still working for that bank?

Kathy Bank?

Bill Didn't you use to work for a bank?

Kathy Oh, yes, the bank. Well, it was a building society actually. No. I left there ages ago. I wanted to see the world.

Bill And did you? See the world, I mean.

Kathy Well, some parts of it. I went to Italy first and then Egypt.

Bill Very nice. What were you doing there? END AUDIO

Kathy I was teaching English. But then I came back to England and I worked in a shop for a while and then did a few other jobs.

Bill So what are you doing now?

Kathy I'm a singer.

Bill Wow, that sounds exciting.

Kathy Well, I had all those jobs but I just got bored and well, I'd always wanted to be a singer so I finally decided I'm going to go for it. So I got a job on a cruise ship and I'm really enjoying it. I'm doing what I enjoy and I see the world, too.

Bill Good for you

Kathy What about you? You used to talk about becoming a teacher, as I recall.

Bill Well, yes, I thought about it for a long time, but while I was still thinking, I got married and we bought a house and then the kids came along and I was promoted. So I'm still there at the glass factory. Still, that's the way it goes.

Kathy How many children have you got?

Bill Two, John's five and Clara's three, and there's another one on the way.

Kathy Oh, how lovely!

Bill Are you married?

Kathy No. ... I was, but, well, things didn't work out and we split up.

Bill I'm sorry to hear that.

Kathy Oh, these things happen, but, well, it was very unpleasant at the time, the divorce, and it took me a long time to get over it, but I suppose it was just one of those things. You know.

Bill Yes, I see. So where are you living now? Are you still in Birmingham?

Kathy No, we sold that house. I've got a flat in London now ? Docklands with a view over the river.

Bill Sounds great.

Kathy Yes, it's not bad. I've been there about two years now, though I don't spend a lot of time there, because I'm away with my job.

Bill Yes, I suppose you must be. Hey, do you remember old Harry Clarkson?

Kathy Yes, of course. I used to work with him.

Bill Oh yes, I remember. Well, I saw him a few months ago. It's amazing. He's ...

Basic Small Talk - Audio


A Hello, I'm Barry.

B How do you do, Barry? I'm Maria.

A Pleased to meet you. What do you do?

B I'm a nurse.

A That's interesting.

B What about you?

A I'm an engineer.

B Where are you from?

A I'm from Canada.


A Hi. How are you?

B I'm fine, thanks. And you?

A Oh, not bad. How are the kids?

B They're all fine.

A Well, I must be off. See you.

B Yes, bye.

Buying Fast Food (WAV)- Audio


Assistant Yes, please?

Customer Two hot dogs, please.

Assistant Anything else?

Customer No, thank you.

Assistant That's £5.20, please.

Customer Thank you.


Assistant Yes, please?

Customer A hamburger and a lemonade, please.

Assistant Small or large?

Customer Small, please.

Assistant That's £4, please.

Customer Thank you. 3 Assistant Yes, please?

Customer A large coffee, please.

Assistant Anything else?

Customer No, thanks.

Assistant 7Op, please.

Customer Thank you.

Buying Clothes - Audio

Shop assistant Good afternoon. Can I help you?

Customer Yes. How much is this black T-shirt?

Shop assistant It's £10.50.

Customer And how much are those watches over there?

Shop assistant They're £7.25 each.

Customer Well, can I have this T-shirt, please?

Shop assistant Certainly.

Customer and that red watch with the blue strap.

Shop assistant This one?

Customer Yes, that's it. And have you got any postcards?

Shop assistant Yes, they're over there. They're 50p each.

Customer I?ll have these two, please.

Shop assistant Certainly. Anything else?

Customer No, thank you.

Shop assistant Right, well, that will be £18.75 altogether.

Customer Here you are.

Shop assistant Thank you. That's £1 .25 change.

Customer Thank you. Goodbye.

Shop assistant Goodbye.

Basic Job Interview - Audio

Receptionist OK. Now, what's your name?

Mandy It's Mandy Wallis.

Receptionist How do you spell Wallis?

Mandy It's W-A-double L-I-S.

Receptionist W-A-double L-I-S. Thank you. And how old are you?

Mandy I'm nineteen.

Receptionist What's your address?

Mandy It's 14 Kent Street, Lancaster, LA2 6NV.

Receptionist I'm sorry, is that 14 or 40?

Mandy 14. One four.

Receptionist Thank you. And what's your telephone number?

Mandy It's 01 524 69481 7.

Receptionist Can you repeat that, please?

Mandy Yes. 01 524 ...

Receptionist 01524

Mandy 694817.

Receptionist 69481 7. Thank you.

Touring a Company A - Audio

On the left here we have the logistics department. This is Bob, he is the Logistics Manager. There are three people in the department.

Touring a Company B - Audio

On the right here is the Warehouse Manager's office. Through here, we have the Warehouse. There are two Bays, the first is Goods-in and the far one is Goods-out. Here we have a weighing system for packages and there is the weighing machine for HGVs and lorrys. Over there in front of us is our stock of raw materials. To the right of that we have unfinished goods stock. To the far right we have scraps.

Touring a Company C - Audio

Over there in front of us is our stock of raw materials. To the right of that we have unfinished goods stock. To the far right we have scraps.

In the middle of the warehouse are the cold presses. There are seven in total. Each press has a different tool, depending on the part required.

Touring a Company D - Audio

Each press has a different tool, depending on the part required. The sheet metal is fed manually into the press and the part comes out the other side. Over there is the welding area. We have both automated welding machines and manual welders. They finish off the part after it has been pressed.

Touring a Company E - Audio

The parts are then stock pilled on the shelving at the second bay until packaged and delivered.

Jim, over there, is responsible for quality. The production system is completely automated and computerised

Touring a Company G - Audio

The production system is completely automated and computerised to detect and resolve problems ASAP.

If you now follow me up these stairs. In front of us is the Plant Managers office. Here we have the Financial department. There are five people who work in that department.

Touring a Company H - Audio

Janet is the FD, that is Financial Director. Further on we have the Quality Department, opposite that there is Purchases. At the end of the corridor there is the Sales Office. They also deal with customer care issues. The Sales Manager is Mike, we'll be meeting with himm in 15 minutes.

Have you got any questions?

Visitor Questions - Audio

Visitor questions

How was your trip?

What was the weather like during the trip?

Is this your first time in Italy?

Where did you find our name? / How did you find out about us?

What do you do in Spain? / What does your company do?

What's your position in the company?

Why do you use welding wire?

Why are you buying in Italy?

Have you got some problems with your present supplier?

How much welding wire do you consume every month?

What kind of welding wire do you use?

What diameter and type of wire do you use?

Checking into a Hotel - Audio

Receptionist: Good evening, sir.

Guest: Good evening. Do you have a reservation in the name of Jones, please?

Receptionist: Just a minute, sir. Yes, here we are. MrAlan Jones. Would you like a single room or a double, Mr Jones?

Guest: I'd prefer a double, if you've got one.

Receptionist: And how many nights are you staying?

Guest: Three.

Receptionist: Fine. Well, could you just fill in the registration form and sign it at the bottom, please?

Guest: Yes, certainly.

Receptionist: And how do you want to settle the bill?

Guest: By credit card, if that's all right.

Receptionist: Yes, of course. Could I just take an imprint of the card, sir?

Guest: Yes, here you are.

Receptionist: Thank you. And will you require a newspaper and a wake-up call in the morning?

Guest: Yes, I'd like The Times and a call at 7.30, please.

Receptionist: 7.30. Very good, sir. Here's your key. Your room number is 429. The lift is over there. Do you need any help with your luggage?

Guest: No, thank you. I've only got a small suitcase.

Receptionist: Well, enjoy your stay.

Guest: Thank you.

Live 8 Daniel Powter Bad Day - Audio

Live 8 Daniel Powter Bad Day

You had a bad day, you've taken one down,

You sing a sad song just to turn it around,

You say you don't know, you tell me don't lie,

You work on a smile and you go for a ride,

You had a bad day, the camera don't lie,

You caught me backing down and you really don't mind,

You had a bad day, yeh, you had a bad day

Live 8 Madonna like a prayer - Audio

Live 8 Madonna like a prayer

Heaven help me,

When you call my name,

It's like a little prayer,

I'm down on my knees,

I want to take you there,

In the midnight hour,

I can feel your power,

Just like a prayer,

You know I'll take you there,

Like a child

Live 8 Madonna music - Audio

Madonna Music

Music, makes the people come together

Live 8 U2 One - Audio

Live 8 U2 One

Is it getting better?

Do you feel the same?

Will it make it easier on you know? you've got someone to blame,

You say, one love, one life, it's one need, in the night,

One love we get to share it, please you darling, you don't care for it,

Live 8 U2 Vertigo - Audio

Live 8 U2 Vertigo

Alright now, this is a rock and roll show, hip-hop show,

Hello, hello, hello, hello

Uno, dos, tres,

Live 8 cold play in my place - Audio

Live 8 Cold Play in my place

In my place, in my place, were lines that I couldn't change, I was lost, oh yeh

And I was lost, I was lost, crossed lines I shouldn't have crossed, I was lost, oh, yeh,

How long must you wait for me?

Live aid 85 david bowie heros - Audio

Live aid 85 David Bowie Heros

We can be heroes just for one day,

Robbie Williams Live Angels - Audio

Robbie Williams Live Angel

Well, this is the best tour that I've ever been on, the best tour by far. I know I've said it before but I'm gonna (going to) get old and I'm gettin' older. I want you to come with me. You've watched me grow up so far, I want to get old with you lot. Please, please don't leave me. This is 'Angels'.

I sit a wake, there's an angel contemplate my faith,

And do they know, the places where we go when we're grey and old,

?cause I have been told, that salvation, let's their wings unfold,

so when I'm lying in my bed, thoughts running through my head, and I feel that love is dead,

I'm loving angels instead,

and through it all, she offers me protection, a lot of love and affection, whether I'm right or wrong,

and down the water fall, wherever it may take me, I know that life won't break me when I come to call, she won't forsake me, I'm loving angels instead,

Robbie Williams Live shes the one - Audio

Robbie Williams Live she is the one

We were young,

we were wrong,

we were fine all alone,

And if there's somebody calling me on,

She's the one,

Come on,

When you get to where you want to go and you know the things you want to know you're smiling,

When you said what you want to say, and you know the way you want to play, you'll be so high you'll be flying,

Present Continuous Answers - Audio

Is it right or wrong 2. Correct those which are wrong

1 Look! Somebody is climbing up that tree over there.

2 Can you hear those people? What do they talk about?

3 Are you believing in God?

4 Look! That man tries to open the door of your car.

Present Continuous Answers - Audio

The moon goes round the earth.

I'm thinking it would be a good idea to leave early.

The government is worried because the number of people without jobs is increasing.

I'm usually going to work by car.

Present Continuous Answers - Audio

I_________(not/belong) to a political party.

Hurry! The bus ________(come). I_______(not/want) to miss it.

The River Nile________(flow) into the Mediterranean.

The river________(flow) very fast today - much faster than usual.

We usually_____(grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we____(not/grow) any.

pres con d.WAV

A: Can you drive?

B: No, but I________(learn). My father __________(teach) me.

(at a party) I usually________(enjoy) parties but ___________not/ enjoy) this one.

George says he's 80 years old but I_________(not/believe) him.

Ron is in London at the moment. He___________(stay) at the Hilton Hotel. He usually____________(stay) at the Hilton Hotel when he's in London.

On the Beach Past Simple - Audio GE2GrPastsimBeachA1.mp3

on the beach - 6- The past simple


There's a bit of wind today. It's quite cool.


Thank goodness. It was so hot last week, I am quite happy it's a bit cooler.


Really, did you go night clubbing on the weekend?


Yes, you really missed out. It was a great laugh.


Really, where did you go?


We went to the city center. It was so crowded, even at 2.00 in the morning!


Excellent. Did you meet anybody?


Not this time. Dave met a nice girl.


Good for him. Did you eat out, then?


Of course. We went to a nice fish restaurant.


You only do those things when I am not around. When I go out with you we only go to pizzerias. Typical!


I told you, you missed out.


Did you eat well, at least.


Of course. And we had a great bottle of white wine.


Did Dennis go too?


No, he stayed in, like normal.


What about Jim?


Yes, he was there.


So, what time did you get home, in the end?


It was about four o'clock.

Eating at a Restaurant - Audio

Waiter ... afternoon.

Customer 1 Have you got a ? for two, please?

Waiter This way, please.

Waiter The ...

Customer 1 Thank you.

Waiter The soup of the day is leek and potato. .. an aperitif while you're deciding?

Customer 1 Yes, please. A mineral water for me.

Waiter .. or ?

Customer 1 Sparkling, please.

Customer 2 And I'll have a gin and tonic, please.

Waiter Thank you.

Waiter A mineral water and a gin and tonic. Are you ready ..?

Customer 2 Yes. Could I have the melon and the halibut, please?

Waiter .. salad or vegetables, French fries or a jacket potato with the halibut?

Customer 2 Salad and a jacket potato, please.

Customer 1 And.. the soup followed by the lamb chops. And ..with salad and French fries, please.

Waiter Thank you. Would you like .. with the meal?

Customer 1 Yes, could we have a, please?

Waiter Thank you.

Restaurant continued (WAV)- Audio

Waiter The halibut?

Customer 2 Yes. That's for me, please.

Waiter And the lamb chops. Enjoy ...

Customer 1 Thank you.

Customer 1 .. the halibut?

Customer 2 Fine. What about your lamb?

Customer 1 ...

Waiter ..?

Customer 1 Yes, thank you. Could we ..water, please?

Waiter Certainly, right away.

Waiter Would you like any ..?

Customer 1 Well, I'm full. ..?

Customer 2 Not for me, thanks. But I'd like a ...

Customer 1 And I'll have a tea, please.

Waiter So that's one coffee and one tea.

Customer 1 Yes, and ...., please?

Waiter ..your meal?

Customer 1 Yes, thank you. It was ... Could I have a receipt for the bill, please?

Waiter ... Here you are.

Customer 1 Thank you

The last part of the Computer Problem Story (WAV) - Audio

Computer problems story

Receptionist Danny

Accountant Billy

Salesman Teddy

Quality Manager Larry

Engineer Freddy

Buyer Kenny

I T Manager Harry

Early, one Tuesday morning the Receptionist at Trust Corporation called Danny had a problem. His computer stopped working and he said 'I must have a Virus'. So Receptionist Danny went off to tell the IT Manager.

On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny met Accountant Billy. 'Listen, Billy' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. Accountant Billy said 'Let's go together.'

So, Receptionist Danny and Accountant Billy went to tell the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer. On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny and Accountant Billy met Salesman Teddy. 'Listen, Teddy' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. Salesman Teddy said 'Let's go together.'

So, Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy and Salesman Teddy went to tell the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer. On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy and Salesman Teddy met Quality Manager Larry. 'Listen, Larry' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. Quality Manager Larry said 'Let's go together.'

So, Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy and Quality Manager Larry went to tell the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer. On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy and Quality Manager Larry met Engineer Freddy. 'Listen, Freddy' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. Engineer Freddy said 'Let's go together.'

So, Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry and Engineer Freddy went to tell the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer. On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry and Engineer Freddy met Buyer Kenny. 'Listen, Kenny' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. Buyer Kenny said 'Let's go together.'

So, Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry, Engineer Freddy and Buyer Kenny went to tell the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer. On the way along the corridor Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry, Engineer Freddy and Buyer Kenny met CEO Harry. 'Listen, Harry' said Receptionist Danny, 'I've got a Virus on my computer and I'm going to tell the I T Manager'. CEO Harry said, follow me and I will help you. So, Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry, Engineer Freddy and Buyer Kenny all followed CEO Harry. But CEO Harry didn't take them to the I T Manager. Instead, he sacked Receptionist Danny, Accountant Billy, Salesman Teddy, Quality Manager Larry, Engineer Freddy and Buyer Kenny for wasting company time and Receptionist Danny never said to the I T Manager there is a Virus on his computer!

Summerising the Conditional - Audio

Monday , There is a problem with a component. You think, if I call up the supplier, I will be able to solve the problem. The supplier needs to meet you to understand the problem, but on Tuesday you are too busy!. You tell the supplier , if I had more time, I would meet you

Tuesday , In the afternoon production cannot continue due to the malfunctioning component. Before you meet the production manager to discuss the issue, you think, if I had met the supplier, production would not have stopped.